C'era una volta 2024 grappolo d'uva

Practical Info

Saturday 13th of April 2024: from 11am till 6pm
Sunday 14th April 2024: from 10am till 6pm

Villa Traverso Pedrina, Via Monticello 50, 36048, Barbarano Mossano (Vicenza).
The villa is located 1.5 Km from Ponte di Barbarano, 20 Km from Vicenza, 30 Km from Padova and 70 Km from Verona.

Where can I purchase my ticket?
Tickets are available online. Otherwise you can purchase directly at door during the two days of the event.

Can I buy products at the fair?
Sure, come with your car trunk empty and take wine bottles and other products home with you.

Will there be food?
On both days, all day long, you will find a bar, a cafè and food kiosks also with vegetarian options.

Can kids take part at the event?
Sure! C’era Una Volta is a kid-friendly event! There is plenty of room for your children to run and play. Minors can access the fair for free and they are not allowed to participate at the tastings.

Where is the closest bank?
– Banca delle Terre Venete: BCC, Via Pigafetta 2, Barbarano Mossano – 5 minutes by car.
– UniCredit: Piazza Roma 14, Barbarano Vicentino – 10 minutes by car.

What about dogs?
All dogs are welcomed! Please note that small-sized dogs can access with no restrictions. Medium and big-sized dogs need to wear a muzzle.


For any info or curiosity, drop us an email at info@ceraunavolta.wine

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for constant updates @ceraunavoltawine 


C’era una volta is looking for volunteers! If you’d like to actively take part at the event, meet the growers, give us a hand, live the adrenaline of the backstage and party together, fill up this form and we’ll be in touch soon to get to know us better and to give you more info.

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Images from C'era una volta 2023
Images from C'era una volta 2023
Images from C'era una volta 2023